Sample NGO Field Visit Report

Sample NGO Field Visit Report

Date of Visit:

Organization visited:

Name of the Project:

Visited by :

Purpose of the visit:


  • To see the overall progress of the project
  • To ensure proper utilization of fund
  • To identify weakness, if any


Basic Project Information:


Type of the Project:

Project area:

No of School Centers:


Project Period:

Sanctioned Budget of the project:

Amount Disbursed so far:


Persons met during the visit:

Executive Director and other officials of …..

Teachers of the …. Centers

Beneficiary children of the…. centers

Community people

Representatives of local Govt.



Major findings:

The undersigned visited all the centers. Listed below are the major facts and figures:



Total =





Overall Observation:

With a vision to ensure the  ——– right to access into —– , the holistic —– project was started in —– with enrollment of —- (age between —-) of the disadvantaged Communities like —– —–  and —- who are residing at —–. Comprising of —-centers- ——– all the centers are now running successfully with the sincere efforts taken by —–. At each center, one —- from the local community has been appointed to teach and take prime care of the ——. One programme supervisor has also been appointed who provides logistic support for the smooth operation of the project. The undersigned observed an astonishing performance from ——- while coming into their contact.. With the appropriate and interactive care and guidelines from the ——, most —– of these —— have become very

During the visit the undersigned also met and had talks with the community people and local representatives who showed their great interest in the affairs of ——- and conveyed their gratitude towards ——. The undersigned also examined some official documents i.e. ledger, cash book, vouchers, salary register and found them o.K. Expenses are made as per recommended budget and provisions. Except a few short comings, like ————– the overall performance of ——— is good and appraisable.

Recommendation: The — is inhabited by approximately — lac people. Among them approximately —- are from——. Statistics shows that the Avarage literacy rate of ——- is approximately —%. One of the main reasons behind this ———– In this context, —–’s intervention to ensure —— will certainly create an opportunity for them to ——- It is expected that the project will contribute towards ———

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5 thoughts on “Sample NGO Field Visit Report

    1. I am very much grateful to this site. It really helped me find exactly what i was looking for to write my report. Thanks to the mgt.

  1. Provided Information helped a lot . looking exactly for such info . documentation now would become easier. Thanks a lot 🙂 =] 🙂

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